Corporate | CO2 Reduction Assessment

Welcome to your Corporate | CO2 Reduction Assessment

The organization has made an inventory of internal and external issues concerning CO2:Context analysis
The organization has made an inventory of various stakeholder groups and their preferences and requirements in relation to CO2:Stakeholder analysis
The organization has made an analysis of internal and external issues, opportunities and risks:Risk and/or opportunity analysis
The management is committed and shows leadership with regard to CO2:Management statement / interviews
The organization is focused on climate and CO2, the organization:CO2 strategy / management plan / various docs
The organization has made a scope analysis and calculated their company's CO2 footprint in:CO2 footprint report
In the organization, CO2 management is implemented and supported in various ways:Action plan / certificates/ interviews, examples of tooling
The organization reduces CO2 emissions from their building(s), and – if applicable - site(s)/factories, fleet and vehicle fleet. Total CO2 emissions reduction of organization compared to 3 years ago:CO2 reports
The organization uses renewable energy produced from wind or sun, produced by themselves or purchased with guarantees of domestic origin:Energy contract
The organizations share of their electricity consumption that they generate themselves is:Energy use and production tables
The proportion of our CO2 emissions from energy use, mobility and transport that is compensated for is (scope 1 and 2, explain):Energy use and production tables
The organization has a plan to maximize the compensation of CO2 emissions in scope 1, 2 and 3 (explain how)Compensation plan / CO2 management/ action plan
The organization is:Tables with energy consumption and production and/or compensation contract
The organization encourages parties in their value chain to reduce CO2 emissions:Tables with energy consumption and production and/or compensation contract
CO2 performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets:CSR/CO2 reports
We draw conclusions from the CO2 assessment and work towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment:CSR/CO2 report

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