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The organization has made an inventory of internal and external issues concerning Health and Safety (H&S):Context analysis
The organization has made an inventory of various stakeholder groups and their preferences and requirements in relation to H&S:Stakeholders analysis
The organization has made an inventory of the H&S risks and opportunities (E.g. on aspects such as: physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial, mechanical, electrical, movement, energy) for:Risk and/or opportunity analysis
The management is committed and shows leadership with regard to H&S:Management statement / interviews
The organization has policies and objectives for H&S:H&S policy plan
The organization consults and involves H&S employees in a structured manner and informs other stakeholders:Description of process / concrete examples / consultation reports / explanation with concrete examples
The organization has made an inventory of:Inventory
The management ensures that the responsibilities and competencies for relevant roles within a HS management system are assigned and communicated at all levels within the organization:Definition of roles and responsibilities for H&S at all levels of the organization
The organization makes specific H&S-related tools available to employees in order to better integrate HS in processes and projects:Summary of specific HS-related tools
The organization fosters awareness and support among employees with regard to H&S and the importance that the organization attaches to this:Specific communication (newsletters, intranet etc) / management decision / management confirmation / specific info sessions / consultation reports with various divisions / memo's etc. / H&S-related input by employees
The organization regularly communicates about H&S with external parties:Communication messages contractors, suppliers, visitors / H&S-related communication with other stakeholders
The organization proactively deals with H&S hazards through:Hazard identification and notification process description
H&S performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets:Evaluation reports
The organization draws conclusions from the H&S assessment and works towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment:Evaluation reports

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